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Lyofood sp.z.o.o
ul. Olszewskiego 21,
25-663 Kielce, Poland

Tipo: Fruits

"Le délice crémeux d’Espagne"

Dessert espagnol de renommée mondiale composé de jaunes d’œufs et de lait avec une touche d’orange et de cannelle.Même si vous vous retrouvez emprisonné dans une tente pendant une tempête d'hiver froid, ce dessert téléportera votre esprit dans un petit bistrot de Barcelone, pour un moment. "

Probieren Sie alle neue Mahlzeiten aus unseren GLUTENFREIES MENU.

Wir kochen bevor wir gefriertrocknen.
Wir benutzen keine künstliche Zusatzstoffe, kein extra Zucker, kein Palmöl und keine Konservierungsstoffe in unseren Produkten!
Unsere Produkte sind von 100% natürlichen Zutaten gemacht und einige von denen stammen von unserem eigenem Anbau.

Wir produzieren mit LIEBE! Geniesse unsere Produkte!
Alle unsere Produkte werden in unserer Anlage in Polen hergestellt.
Haltbarkeit: 3 Jahre

lait 77%, jaune d'œuf 10%, sucre 6%, fécule de pomme de terre, écorces d'orange, cannelle
Durchschnittliche NährwertePro 100gPro 65 g (200 g verzehrfertig)
Kalorien2038 kJ / 486 kcal1325 kJ / 316 kcal
Fett22 g14 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren11 g7,2 g
Kohlenhydrate55 g36 g
davon Zucker42 g30 g
Ballaststoffe2,1 g1,4 g
Eiweiß18 g11 g
Salz0,6 g0,4 g

What makes our meals so exeptional?

100% natural ingredients

For our meals we only use 100% natural and fresh ingredients. We do not add any preservatives, artificial food-additives, colorants or flavour enhancers. We even grow most of the herbs on our own fields to make the taste of LYO meals so exceptional.

The real taste of a homemade dish

We pay attention not only to the freeze-drying process but also to the way of preparing our meals. We only choose high quality ingredients and always cook every meal before freeze-drying it. This ensures the real, fresh taste that makes LYO EXPEDITION meals so exceptional. Other providers of freeze-dried meals mix the ingredients after they have been cooked separately. We don’t.

Orginal form and size of product

The freeze-drying process allows the maintaining of the original form and size of all ingredients. We take advantage of this and cut all ingredients into bite-sized pieces. Consequently our meals not only taste like a homemade dish but they also look like it.

High nutritional value

Freeze-dried food has a very high calorie count. Moreover, it maintains all of the food’s natural vitamins and minerals. The consumption of a LYO EXPEDITION meal allows you to generate long-lasting physical peak performance.

Low weight

During the freeze-drying process 98% of the moisture content is being removed, which results in significantly reduced weight. Our meals are light-weight and compactly packed.

Long shelf live

LYO EXPEDITION meals can be stored for a long time. Since the water content is being removed during the freeze-drying process, microorganisms and enzymes action are inhibited. Each pouch is hermetically sealed and contains an oxygen absorber.

High safety standards

To make sure LYO EXPEDITION meals are safe in every aspect, they are checked twice in the in-house laboratory. Once- after being cooked and for a second time- after the freeze-drying process.

Ultralight & Functional pouch

LYO EXPEDITION pouch was designed to be lightweight yet still allows a comfortable preparation of the LYO meal inside.

Fast & easy to prepare

Tear off at the notch above the zip lock.

Add the amount of warm or cold water described on the package.

Stir thoroughly.

Close the zip lock and leave for 10 minutes.

Tear off at the notch below the zip lock and stir again.

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