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After a few months of working on recipes, choosing the right ingredients, refining the technology and hours in the quality department, we introduce a GLUTEN-FREE MENU that includes an organic and vegan breakfast, main course and soup, as well vegetarian breakfast and dessert.

The set includes:

1 X Organic Chili sin carne with polenta

Vegan version of the classic chilli con carne cooked only from organic ingredients. Full-bodied taste and aroma of chilli, nutritious and filling beans, aromatic bell-pepper and olives, plus the cow is still alive.

Information about ingredients and nutritions.

1 X Organic Gazpacho

From the hottest area in Europe comes a delicious and refreshing soup. Made with organic, raw, blended vegetables and pleases your palate with a distinctive taste of fresh tomato and green cucumber. A classic of Spanish cuisine. Traditionally served cold and this is how we like it the best.

Information about ingredients and nutritions.

1 X Organic porridge with cranberry, apple and cinamon

Try our version of classic cinnamon and apple taste in our porridge enriched with cranberries. This warm breakfast will immediately transport you to favorite fall memories. Nutritious coconut milk, gluten free oats, chia seeds, cranberries and pieces of apples with cinnamon. All 100% organic, without any instant ingredients. Our porridge is made just like our grandmothers use to make it. Thanks to freeze-drying you can taste it anywhere.

Information about ingredients and nutritions.

1 X Mexican style scrambled eggs

This dish has been with humankind for centuries. Since ancient romans, medieval knights, wild west pioneers, 19th century gentlemen and still today we all scramble and eat eggs to start a day. Our variation is enriched with some nutritious ingredients including red beans, goat cheese and corn to give you extra energy for a long day. This breakfast is recommended especially if transporting fragile eggs in the backpack is not your thing. What can be better to start your day?

Information about ingredients and nutritions.

1 X Crema Catalana

World famous Spanish dessert made with egg yolks and milk with a hint of orange and cinnamon. Even if you find yourself imprisoned in a tent during a cold winter blizzard this dessert will teleport your shivering mind to a small bistro in Barcelona, for a moment.

Information about ingredients and nutritions.


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